The main objective of the Forum is to generate innovative ideas in order to:

  • Help African countries put their STI policies in action and encourage those who do not yet have an STI policy to develop one;
  • Design policies and programs to implement the AfDB’s and UNESCO’s strategies to support inclusive growth, employment opportunities, and sustainable development in Africa;
  • Create global networks of development innovators and problem solvers
  • Reinforce North-South and South-South collaborations in STI;
  • Strengthen public-private partnerships between governments, industry and technology companies;
  • Establish a knowledge-sharing platform to help network entrepreneurs and innovators in the areas of STI connect and find the information they need to develop and implement their ideas


Specific objectives include:

  • Taking stock of the implementation of the Consolidated Plan of Action (CPA) (taking into account emerging areas and contributions of STI to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG))
  • Building on the experiences and lessons learned with regard to training and education for innovation for inclusive development;
  • Promoting the role of policy measures including financing in promoting innovation and innovation related research;
  • Encouraging the role of research and development in public and private entities in promoting technical innovation;
  • Exploring the role of innovation in the informal sector (including local knowledge) and the possibilities of harnessing its role for the promotion of economic growth;
  • Examining the international migration of science and scientists, and technologies and technicians
  • Designing possible response to the needs in Africa regarding biodiversity, water, energy


  • Operationalising the multi-donor Trust Fund on Higher Education Science and Technology administered by the African Development Bank
  • A publication reporting on the STI Conference
  • A synthesis of best practices in STI across sectors
  • An STI benchmarking tool for Africa
  • Guidelines for mainstreaming STI into national development strategies;
  • Proposals to promote public-private partnerships and A Declaration from the Ministerial Conference