Publications/ Portraits of STI actors and stakeholders

African women scientists shine

The L’Oréal Foundation in France and UNESCO have been working together for the past 14 years to bring the work of exceptional women scientists visibility and support. Every year within the L’Oréal-UNESCO Programme for Women in Science, five laureates receive a prestigious award and 15 international fellows are designated, three from each continent.  Two past laureates have since received a Nobel Prize, Ada Yonath (Nobel Prize for Chemistry, 2009) and Elizabeth Blackburn (Nobel Prize for Medicine, 2009).

Nurturing critical thinking and science early on

Critical thinkers and scientific innovators cannot be made overnight iat higher education level. They must be nurtured through long-term strategies that start right at the basic level of education where interest and positive attitude towards MSE is formed while a scientific culture is cultivated says Daniel Muraya, Coordinator, Research and Development of CEMASTEA’s Strengthening of Mathematics and Science in Secondary Education (SMASE) Project based in Nairobi.

High quality Mathematics and Science Education (MSE) at the basic level of education is therefore important to develop critical thinking skills and scientific literacy, which are pre-requisites

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